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Wilderness and Backcountry Water Treatment

Detail information on how to purify and treat water when backpacking.  Check it out...

Camping in a Hammock - A Truly Good Nights Sleep

As the warm weather comes, it is time for Hammock Camping!  In Hammack CampingThere is nothing like sleeping out under the stars in a hammock.  Whether you are backpacking into the wilderness or “car camping” with the family, if the situation is right, consider using a hammock.

If you are with the kids I would advise bringing both a tent and the hammock.  The children love to play and lay around in the hammock, but it does take some time to feel comfortable sleeping in a hammock.  Better to have a tent as a fallback for the kids.  Read Article click here.

Scoutmaster's Corner

This new section of is dedicated to the great tradition of Scouting. We are starting off this section with a set of gear checklist for various trips.  Check it out...

Hiking with Children

Ideas on how to have a more enjoyable hike with your kids.
Read the article...

Backpacker's Pantry; Lessons from Boy Scout

Tips on being prepared for an upcoming backpacking trips; reduce stress - be prepared!
Read the article...

It’s All About Stuff - Ultralight Backpacking

When it comes to enjoying a backpacking trip, to some extent it’s all about stuff.  Not necessarily getting more stuff, but less – well at least stuff that weighs less.  The more your backpack weighs, the harder you are working on the trail.  Hiking up a mountain side with a 40 pound pack on your back is quite a bit more difficult than the same hike with a lightweight 15 pound pack.  Sometimes it may be better exercise to carry more weight, and if you are in training for a big trip you may want to do that.  Normally carrying more weight is just a pain in the…back.  Continue reading this article...

Trail Life; Lightweight Backpacking by Ray Jardine

  When I found out Ray Jardine was publishing a new edition of Beyond BackpacTrail Lifeking I went to his web site and ordered a copy immediately (it not yet being in stores at the time).  Beyond Backpacking having gone out of print quite some time ago, I was eager to read this book so many backpackers talk about.  Perhaps the anticipation caused me to have expectations that were a bit too high.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good book, with some great ideas and information, I was just expecting, well…more.  Read full review...

Lightweight Hiking and Backpacking Tents

If you are going to be carrying your tent in your backpack for more then a few miles into the woods, say on a backpacking trip of a few days or more, a lightweight tent will make a huge difference in reducing your pack weight.

Most one person tents weight anywhere from three to six or even seven pounds! If you are willing to put a bit more effort into caring for your tent - checking the ground before you put it down to avoid sharp rocks to sticks, etc. you can cut pounds off the weight of you tent by using an ultralight backpacking tent.  Ultralight tents are generally made with materials the require a bit of TLC.  Being single wall tents they also tend to have more condensation issues. But the main benefit is - being light.  Those of us hiking with less weight in our backpacks enjoy it much more!  Read about the four best ultralight tents...


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